That Time

Aunt Flow, The Red Sea, That Time of the Month. Whatever you may call it. It is a hell for me. Curled up in a ball, throwing up whatever I may have eaten last night because chances are my stomach has hurt too much to eat today. Refusing to leave the bathroom because you may need to use it simply because of the pain near your tummy. I’m clearly in a lot a pain, so of course I am not in the best mood. Anyone who knows me even the slightest would say I am one of the nicest people they know. I worry about everyone, want to make everyone happy, and want to help as much as I can. Whenever it’s my time I try not to speak to anyone in case I accidentally snap at them for no reason. My mom used to say I let my built-in rage out when it’s my time so that way it’s easy for me to be nice. I say I let my rage out when I am driving to/from work and the stupid cars get in the way or do stupid things (no I am not the crazy honking lady or the one to literally follow someone; I just like to go fast, but in a safe manner). This is my first time trying out the lemon juice trick. It supposed to help make it end sooner? I am praying it works because I have drank so much lemon juice in hope that it works. My schedule is so inconsistent that I really don’t know when it will come. It may come early, it may come late. If it doesn’t come at all I know I will freak. Just a few more days and it’ll all be done I tell myself. Just a few more days.



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