When I Have a Little Girl

IMG_0031.JPGI can’t wait to have a little girl. I can’t wait to braid her hair, to dress her up, to play dress up with her, to go dancing and sing in the car together. I can’t wait to put her in dance and be the proud mommy of a little ballerina. I am excited for the days where she’ll want to play with makeup or put on my high heels or want to go out all dressed up. For the days where we’ll talk about boys and how they should treat girls. To the days where we’ll wear our pjs and snuggle under blankets drinking hot chocolate and watching sappy movies that make us cry. Can’t wait to sing along to Disney movies. And if this little girl tell me she wants to be a boy- I will refer to him as a him. And cheer him on a the games, or the shows or whatever activity he decides to do (because yes, you will be involved in school-that is one thing I will make you do). I will help him pick out clothes that don’t make him look like a bum and help him look nice because yes, we can still play dress up. I’ll let him cut his hair short, or keep it long or do whatever he wants with his hair. I will talk to him about the cute girls at school and to remember what I said about how to treat girls. I’ll help him pick out his tuxedo for prom, I will help him with the prom-posals, hope he makes Prom King (because my baby deserves the world) and support him every step of the way. Because that’s my baby. I might’ve had a girl, but she wanted to be a boy. That is not my decision to make, but that will always be my baby.


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